Sean Spicer Claims Protesters Are Paid. Pmmmf.

trump sells fear

Spicer: Town hall demonstrations include ‘professional’ protesters

Ben Kamisar (The Hille)


White House press secretary Sean Spicer on Wednesday played down anger brewing against lawmakers at town halls across the country as a mixture of real concern and demonstrations from “professional” protesters.

“There’s a hybrid there: I think some people are clearly upset, but there is a bit of professional protestor, manufactured base in there,” Spicer said at the daily briefing.

“Obviously there are people who are upset, but I also think that when you look at some of these districts and some of these things, it is not a representation of a member’s district or an incident. It is a loud, small group of people disrupting something in many cases for media attention,” he said.

“Just because they’re loud doesn’t necessarily mean that they are many.”

Spicer’s comments echo the sentiments of Trump, who argued Tuesday evening on Twitter that the “so-called angry crowds” facing GOP lawmakers at town hall events are partly “planned out by liberal activists.

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